Unapproved minutes from the Annual meeting and the agenda for next Thursday

6:30pm lunch
7pm meeting
Call to order
Pledge of Allegiance
Approve agenda
Introduce guests
Donation requests
1.Brandon Evansville Trap Team
2.Alexandria Industries Ice Fishing Tournament
3.Miltona Magnet School Kids Fishing
4.Parkers Prairies Sportsmen Club
Secretary Report
Treasurer report
Committee reports
1.Banquet-Mark A/Gene S
2.Kids Food Plot Banquet-Belinda/Glen W
3. Property- Dwain S/Steve H
4. Fish Fry-Kevin W/Greg E
5. Membership- Mark A
Old Business
1. Annual meeting discussion
2. By laws review- Greg D
New Business
1.Election of Officers
2. other
Next meeting- March 15, 2018 Serving-?

Board members present: Glen wink, Dave Lais Gene Sullivan Greg Eigen John Peshek Todd Lanners Steve Henry Mark Anderson Chuck Bokinski Greg Donahue Jim Stratton Curt Flesner Tim Olson Bob Gibson Jim Baxter
Members: Bryan Anderson Jim Bosek Julie Bosek Randy Buse Norm Mityling Chris Thompson Alan Hansen Rick Anderson Chris Mertin Mike Moore DeWayne Bisek
7pm-Call to order- Gene Sullivan, president
PROGRAM- Water Quality in Douglas County-Gene Rose, Steve Henry Douglas County Lakes Association
SECRETARY REPORT- minutes of the December meeting were approved. Jim B/Bob G Passed
TREASURER REPORT- motion to accept, refer for audit and pay current bills. Mark A/Greg E Passed
BANQUET-Gene S/Mark A. This event is Thursday, April 5 at the Holiday Inn. The committee is
meeting regularly.
YOUTH DAY-Gene S (Dean Krebs absent) 2017 was a great success with 2180 children under 16
attending. The 2018 event will be held the last Sunday in August, August 26, 2018.
JUNIOR VIKINGS- Mark A/Todd L Attendance is lagging with 5-12 present at most meetings. The
programs have been excellent but there is no support from the school system.
SCHOLARSHIPS- Steve H The Bill Banke scholarship and the Art Engelbrecht Natural Resources
And Environmental Sciences scholarship were both awarded in 2017. The Banke
Scholarship of $500.00 was awarded to Kennedy Lund from Brandon. The Engelbrecht
Scholarship for $1000.00 was awarded to Samuel Nesheim from Baxter. Both did very well their first semester of colleges and scholarship money has been paid.
YOUTH FOOD PLOTS- Glen W The Kids Food Plot Program had 89 kids participating in 2017.
Roughly 150 acrs were planted and left for wildlife. Glen W, Dwain S and Steve H drove around to judge the plots on December 7. We traveled 165 miles. It was not a good day to see wildlife. We saw only one flock of about 25 turkeys, no pheasants or deer. With the wet summer we had a lot of plots looking good. We judge not only on food content but also location; away from roads and with good winter cover.
A banquet will be held in later February.
ADULT FOOD PLOTS- Steve H. The adult food plot program had 15 individuals and 41
acres enrolled. A survey on December 7th revealed good compliance but no
pheasants were seen.
FISH FRIES- Greg E. there were 4 events in 2017. Usually 250-300 people were served.
WALLEYE STOCKING- Bob G. 4 lakes were were stocked with 2200 pounds of walleye fingerlings. 4 lakes did not get stocked due to an inability to collect fingerlings.
MEMBERSHIP -Mark A. We will be having a series of seminars with the first on Big Game
Hunting in the West by Dean Krebs on January31st at 7pm at the Bemo Building.
PROPERTIES- Steve H. We closed on an access to the Hardwoods north of Nelson in 2017. We
Also had a clean up day at the property in August.
The DNR has not taken any action on our attempt to donate the Lake Mary property.
We continue to not pay property taxes on this unbuildable lot and it will revert to the
County in a couple of years.

SENIOR FISHING- Jim B. We will miss Arlene Bosek and her passion for this event. Attendance
has been declining over the last years and the future is uncertain.
FISHING PIERS- Gene S. The piers have been repaired by County staff.
BUDGET 2017-2018- Jim S. The budget developed by the executive committee was presented.
Motion to accept Greg D/Chuck B. Passed.
NOMINATING COMMITTEE (Executive committee)- A slate for directors to serve until 2021 was
presented. Curt Flesner Belinda Wink Tim Olson Dwain Schuette Bob Gibson Mike
Moore Jim Baxter.
Motion to accept John P/ Mark A. Passed.
DNR ROUNDTABLE- Steve H. The primary focus was on State owned lands. There were
Interesting reports on Mille lacs lake, the moose population and CWD in deer.
SEMINARS- Mark A. All were encouraged to attend the first seminar on January 31 and
to bring a friend.
ADJOURN. Next meeting is Thursday, February 15 at Bemo Building.

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