Parent/Daughter Shoot Summer 2013

Douglas County Pheasants Forever and Viking Sportsmen held a Parent/Daughter shooting event on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at the Alexandria Shooting Park. The event featured 23 girls shooting clay pigeons and slingshots, identifying different animal furs, and offered the opportunity to shoot a rare flintlock shotgun.

“What really made this a special event was that over half of the girls had never shot a gun before in their lives!”, stated Dean Krebs, President of Douglas County Pheasants Forever.

“We were able to introduce these kids to shooting under a safe, controlled environment with certified Firearm Safety Training Instructors,” said Steve Henry, President of Viking Sportsmen.

Both Pheasants Forever and Viking Sportsmen would like to thank the Alexandria Shooting Park for hosting this event.

“This was an informal event where the girls and their parents got a chance to try some different shooting events, have dinner, and just mingle with experienced shooters. We were thrilled with the turnout and plan to hold another event like this next year for sure. In fact, we may hold an event just like this later this year and open it up to boys too!”, said Brad Brejcha, Youth Coordinator for Douglas County Pheasants Forever.




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