October 2008 Newsletter





Glen Wink          Belinda Wink          Mark Anderson            Barb Wittmer                        Dale Flesner


Roger Wittmer              Bill Maynard                       Todd Lanners                        Gene Sullivan

Arlene Bosek                Curt Flesner                         Dwain Schuette                       Cliff Emmert

Jim Stratton                  Steve Hoskins

Others in attendance:  Ron Hoffman, Larry Kvitek, Chuck Kaley, Merrill Pedersen, Chuck Bokinskie, John Leesch,

Dave Fuerstenburg, Steve Voss, Dewayne Bisek, Stephen Henry, Jerry Engelbrecht, Kevin McMenimen, Hank Wessel, Jon Schneider, Bruce Winterfeldt and Todd Call


Meeting called to order by President Glen Wink.



Motion by Dale to accept minutes, seconded by Dwain.  Motion passed.




General Checking                                  Thrivent General Fund              Habitat Day

$49,442.80                                            $71,790.47                                $2,934.44


Prudential Scholarship                               Tree Account                                    Ice Fishing Challenge

$11,139.87                                            Closed                                      $113,000.00

Motion by Roger to accept treasurer’s report, seconded by Bill.  Motion passed.





Kevin from the Dist 206 transportation was here to see about the lease of the building for this school year, he also brought Hank Wessel who wanted to personally thank the sportsmen for the use of the building as a break room for the drivers.


Bruce Winterfeldt – DNR Waterways was here to answer some questions about the placement of docks.  The dock in question is if there is a possibility of having one on Lake Mina.  Bruce will do some checking and get back to us about it.  He also talked about the fishing piers and some work that needs to be done in the near future.  He has 8 counties that he works with and 142 docks in his area.


Jon Schneider – DU Lake Jennie Project   Jon brought Todd Call from Glenwood to help explain what they hope to see done with the project.  They hope to see cattails and blue rush, red heads, mallards, blue wing, wood ducks, canvasbacks and diver ducks. It is still in the designation process, external review, and then 30 days to comment.


Jerry Engelbrecht – Art Engelbrecht Scholarship   Art had some specific goals for scholarship and Jerry is trying to get it done.  He brought a scholarship agreement between Jerry W. Engelbrecht and Viking Sportsmen to go over and decide if this is how we want things done.  There was a lot of discussion about the wording and how the monies would be distributed and that the Banke Scholarship is attached to this one.  After more discussion John Leesch moved to accept this agreement, then amended it to let the board of directors take care of it at a special meeting of the board, seconded by Arlene.  Motion passed.  Special meeting of the board was set up for Wednesday September 24th 6:00 p.m. at Jerry’s cabin.


Þ   Display board /Pamphlets – Barb showed the progress of the display board; the committee of Glen, Belinda, Jim Baxter and Barb is still waiting for info from committees.

Þ   Fair booth – Belinda thanked those who helped and asked that when you sign up for something follow through with your commitment or find someone to take your place.

Þ   Banquet for next year – nothing new at this time

Þ   Logging of the hardwoods – Dwain called the logging company to see where the check was now that they are done, hasn’t heard back from them.

Þ   Fish stocking – Chuck reported that the Alexandria hospitality association would donate $30,000.00 towards fish stocking.  He went to the lakes association meeting to present the offer of matching funds.

Þ   DU Banquet is Sept 18, 2008



Þ   Mark moved to accept proposal, one time donation of $5,000.00 payable in 2010, we can choose to pay in 2009 or 2010, seconded by John Leesch.  Motion passed

Þ   Drew name for the wood duck house give away at the fair.  It was suggested for next year to put a picture of what a wood duck looks like on the house.  Ashley Brethorst was the winner.

Þ   Arlene moved we renew the lease for drivers as is the past years, seconded by John.  Motion passed.

Þ   Dedicated funding literature needs to get out to the public. 3/8 of 1%, less that 30.00 per person.

Þ   Mark reported Jr. Vikings looks promising this year; they meet the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7:00 p.m.

Þ   Minnesota Deer Hunters banquet is Thursday October 23rd.

Þ   Volunteer to serve October meeting.  Chuck Bokinskie said he would do it.


Motion to adjourn by Arlene, seconded by Roger.  Motion passed.


Respectfully submitted

Barb Wittmer



Next meeting is Thursday September 16, 2008 at the Bemo building

Chuck Bokinskie Serving



Upcoming Events


Annual Meeting

Ice Fishing Challenge – Saturday February 9, 2008





GLEN WINK  320-763-2410


MARK ANDERSON  320-886-2913


BELINDA WINK  320-763-2410


BARB WITTMER  320-808-6787


DALE FLESNER  320-763-4817


CHAD WEISEL  320-815-9250


CLIFF EMMERT  320-763-4328


BILL MAYNARD  320-886-5561


JIM BAXTER   320-859-4616

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