November 17 2016 Meeting Minutes

Viking Sportsman Minutes November 17, 2016

7pm  Call to order by Jim Stratton Chairman of the Board in the absence of the President and Vice President

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Barb Wittmer Jim Stratton Syl Schmidt Steve Henry Greg Donahue Roger Wittmer Curt Flesner Belinda Wink Charles Kaley Bob Gibson Arlene Bosek Jim Baxter Gregg Baxter Glen Wink John Peshek Todd Lanners

GUESTS: Chuck Bokinski Wayne Rathke Patrick O’Brien Jim Massman Amy Massman

Pledge of Allegiance

DONATION REQUEST: Patrick O’Brien representing Camp Wilderness a Boy Scout Camp near Park Rapids requested $2,500.00 for a fishing program.

SECRETARY REPORT: Motion/second G Baxter/R Wittmer Passed

TREASURER REPORT: Motion/second J Baxter/G Donahue Passed There is a new State of Minnesota ID number. Work will start on the 2017 budget.


Annual Meeting-Barb Wittmer This will be January 17 at the VFW. The speaker is Kevin Kotts of the Glenwood DNR office.

Banquet- Jim Baxter The date is Thursday April 6 at the Holiday Inn. Ticket prices need to be addressed.

Walleye stocking- Arlene Bosek Lake Irene was stocked on November 17. Belinda Wink and Barb Wittmer agreed to chair.

Youth Day- no report.

Food plots- Glenn Wink Plots will be toured to confirm that they have been left standing. Glenn Wink and Steve Henry will arrange this in early December.

Property –

Bemo Building-Roger Wittmer Jim Baxter is plowing the snow. The East side of the building needs to be protected from traffic due to the sewer. Other projects are not completed.

Hardwood property- Steve Henry The legal procedure to complete the access strip will be done by December per Scott Johnston, attorney.



Dog training club- Jim Massmann would like to start a dog training club and needs 10 members to start it. It would be part of the North American club. Information will be posted on our web site.

Camp Wilderness request- Motion by A Bosek second J Peshek to donate $1500.00. Passed

ITW donation of $1000.00 for J Stratton’s volunteer hours was accepted.

District 206 Archery Club- Motion B Wittmer second by A Bosek to donate $1000.00 Passed

Life Stage Wealth Management currently manages our funds. They have been sold to North Rock Partners. There should be no changes in our plan.

Fish Fries for 2017- gratitude was expressed to Gene Sullivan for his dedication to this project. A new team is needed to assume responsibility by January 2017. Gene Sullivan will be asked to assist the new team.

Adjourn- motion A Bosek/G Baxter. Passed

December is a potluck. February lunch will be served by Barb and Roger Wittmer.

Submitted by Steve Henry

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