Meeting: Thur Mar 18th @ 6pm at Bemo Building

Viking Sportsmen Meeting: Thur Mar 18th @ 6pm, held at Bemo Building and by Zoom

Meeting will start at 6pm @ Bemo Building
Dinner will be ready prior, so if you are able to please get to the Bemo, grab a plate and be ready to go at 6pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.
We changed this a number of months ago so that if you’d like to stick around after the meeting to socialize you are encouraged to.
Please attend in person if you are able.

Outdoor Gear Library
Website: Outdoor Gear Library Rental / Overview (
The Outdoor Gear Library is up and running!
Turkey Hunting, Camping, Fishing, & Boating Equipment will be available soon

3-17-21 Viking Sportsmen Inc Agenda

2-18-21 VS Mtg Minutes