May 19 2016 Meeting Minutes


Executive Board present: Steve Hoskins, Dean Krebs, Steve Henry

Board members present: Barb Wittmer, Roger Wittmer, Belinda Wink, Arlene Bosek, Jim Baxter, Gregg

Baxter, Gene Sulliv

Guests: Bob Gibson, Wayne Rathke

7:10 pm Meeting called to order by President Hoskins

Pledge of Allegiance

It was determined there was not a quorum so no official business could be conducted.

Secretary and Treasurer reports were reviewed.

Donation requests:

Alexandria Youth trap League- tabled

Committee reports:

Youth Day- Dean Krebs

Property- Roger Wittmer

Adult Food Plots- Belinda Wink

Long range plan for the fairgrounds- Steve Hoskins

Water Quality- Steve Henry

The state grant received final approval. There have been numerous smaller donations.

Next meeting June 3

Land preparation for seeding a on the Emily Johnson property has started.

Cost is $1200.00 for seeds.

– Steve Henry

Spoke with DNR Commissioner Landwehr regarding the donation of the Lake Mary

Property. Jim Haney of the DNR and attorney Scott Johnson were also consulted.

17 people applied with 55 acres planted. The $5000.00 committed has been spent.

The current plan is to leave the fairgrounds intact until 2035. Many options were

discussed along with possible building changes.

Douglas County Lakes Association has held numerous meeting to assess the com-

munity commitment to water quality.

Speakers for meetings was discussed with quarterly scheduling and suggested topics. These could be held

separate from the Board meetings. Location to be determined.

Next meeting- June16

Arlene Bosek will serve

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