Land Acquisition

We participated in the land purchase in 1998, with several other conservation groups in the area, and funds from the Minnesota DNR.

Art Engelbrecht Wildlife Management Area

This WMA consists of 316 acres of native grasses, Aspen pines and wetlands and is the home to pheasants, deer, turkeys and many more wildlife species. Hunters and nature seekers use this area year round.

Long Prairie River
Long Prairie River Rustic Landing purchased by the Viking Sportsmen in 2001 acting as an intermediate transfer agent to the Minnesota DNR for the development of a carry on and off landing on the Long Prairie River. The landing has been used by thousands of tubers, fishermen and hunters since its development.

Roger Holmes Wildlife Management Area
The land, which the DNR purchased for $1.8 million in 2008, features grasslands, wetlands and timber that provide habitat for pheasants, wild turkeys, waterfowl and many non-game species, 1.4 acres of the WMA borders the Long Prairie River.

Funding for the purchase came from $1.275 million in bonding dollars appropriated to accelerate WMA acquisition, $390,000 in matching funds from Reinvest in Minnesota and $134,700 in private contributions from more than 20 groups including the Viking Sportsmen and Pheasants Forever.

Roger Holmes Wildlife Management Area

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