June 2008 Newsletter




Glen Wink          Belinda Wink          Mark Anderson          Barb Wittmer          Dale Flesner      


Rick Anderson              Jerry Krebs                   Syl Schmidt                   Roger Wittmer

Arlene Bosek                Jim Stratton                  Gene Sullivan                Bill Maynard


Others in attendance:  John Peshek, DeWayne Bisek, Paul Hanson, Paul Martinek, Ken & Vera Anderson, Dan Lindquist, Ron Hoffman, Stephen Henry, Larry Kvitek, Bev Schmidt, Chuck Kaley, Carl Kremer, Dave Fuerstenberg and Corey Skerjance from DNR forestry.


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Glen Wink.



Motion by Jim S. to accept minutes, seconded by John.  Motion passed.




General Checking                                  Thrivent General Fund               Habitat Day

$43,108.11                                            $71,243.07                                $3,000.55


Prudential Scholarship                            Tree Account                            Ice Fishing Challenge

$12,599.31                                            $994.03                                    

Motion by John to approve treasurer’s report, seconded by Jim S.  Motion passed.



Corey was here from the DNR Forestry about the hardwoods project.  Job almost complete will finish getting logs out when hole dries up.  Corey is leaving the area for a new position, Ernie will be replacing him.




Þ   Dale reported on banquet, profit was 26, 364.78 we still have some outstanding bills.  Ron moved we buy a gun safe for guns and raffle next year at our banquet, spend up to 1,200, seconded by Ken.  Bill and Roger will take care of this.  Mark Anderson amended motion that we leave option to keep sake for ourselves, seconded by Stephen Henry.  Amendment was ok with Ron.  Motion passed.

Þ   Thanked Ken & Vera for putting up blinds.

Þ   We purchased a left-handed 22 for firearm safety, it didn’t work well.  Dale moved we trade for a right handed single shot, seconded by Gene.  Motion passed.  

Þ   Mark moved to purchase DVD set for firearm safety class, seconded by Dan.  Motion passed.

Þ   Display board was tabled until next month.

Þ   New pamphlets, tabled until next month.

Þ   Walleye stocking – Gene reported we have563 lbs left to stock in Le Homme Dieu, rest of the lakes are stocked.  They are gearing up for fundraising for this year, maybe a fall fish fry.  Gene will be looking into advertising the fish stocking with lake assoc, paper and members.  Dale moved that Gene get proposal together, seconded by Bill.  Motion passed.  It was also noted that Ken Neuman and Jim Schoenrock had wild game feed and donated money to stocking.

Þ   Dedication of Roger Holmes Wildlife Management Area – Bill Maynard reported that over 200 people showed up.  Event went well.  Without the support of local sportsmen this wouldn’t have happened.  There was an article in the Tribune May 4th.

Þ   Thank you from Brandon for sponsoring ground water festival.

Þ   Bemo pond sign should be done shortly and ready to put up this fall.


Þ   Pheasant release will be Sunday the 18th of May, they will be loaded and ready for release about 1:00.

Þ   Volunteer to serve June meeting – Arlene volunteered

Þ   Jim Stratton moved that ITW use the building on Saturday May 17 for their annual fish fry, seconded by Dan.  Motion passed.

Þ   Belinda is in charge of fair booth sign up.  See her about helping again this year.  Can be reached at

320-763-2410 for more information or to sign up.

Þ   Habitat day – big success, involved Wal-mart.  Jr Vikings will receive a 2,000 grant from Wal-mart.  Vern Ostrom and Casey DeYoung from Pioneer Heritage Trust are working on a restoration project; the Jr Vikings are donating that money received from grant to the project.

Þ   Fish fry here Sunday May 18th with the Jr. Vikings.

Þ   Jr. Viking banquet is Monday June 2nd, 6:30 p.m.

Þ   Sr. Fishing is Wednesday July 9, they could use more cane poles

Þ   Barb moved we change meeting dates for July and August, July 9th after Sr. fishing day and August 13th to set up for the fair, seconded by Ken.  Motion passed

Þ   Mark asked permission to use tables and chairs on June 14 for graduation party, permission granted.


Motion to adjourn by Arlene, seconded by Roger.  Motion passed.


Respectfully submitted

Barb Wittmer



Next meeting is Thursday June 19, 2008 at the Bemo building

Supper at 6:30 Meeting at 7:00

Arlene Bosek will be serving.



Upcoming Events

Sr. Fishing Wednesday July 9, 2008

Douglas County Fair  August 14-17 2008





GLEN WINK  320-763-2410


MARK ANDERSON  320-886-2913


BELINDA WINK  320-763-2410


BARB WITTMER  320-808-6787


DALE FLESNER  320-763-4817


CHAD WEISEL  320-815-9250


CLIFF EMMERT  320-763-4328


BILL MAYNARD  320-886-5561


JIM BAXTER   320-859-4616


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