February 2008 Newsletter




Glen Wink          Belinda Wink          Mark Anderson          Barb Wittmer          Dale Flesner          Chad Weisel


Jim Baxter          Arlene Bosek           Curt Flesner               Dave Fuerstenberg          Rick Anderson

Steve Hoskins     Todd Lanners          Bill Maynard                   Gene Sullivan

Others in attendance:  This was the annual meeting with 23 additional members.


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Glen Wink.


Denise from Miltona Science Magnet School was here looking for help and a possible donation to build jig poles for an ice fishing event planned for February on Lake Miltona.



Barb brought up an error in names should have been Bill instead of Art Ingebrigtsen.  Motion by Steve seconded by Arlene to accept minutes.  Motion passed.


Dale went over financial report for Nov 1 2006 to Oct 31 2007.  Motion by Jim Baxter, seconded by Bill to accept treasurers report.  Motion passed


Committee reports were given here are some of the highlights

Fishing, piers and docks – fish stocking has begun in the chain of lakes

Senior Fishing – had a good turn out this last year, more pontoons are needed for next July.

Land Acquisition – closed on the Williams property with help of many sportsmen’s clubs.  1,040 acres of wildlife management owned by the state.  Engelbrecht property, house and building will be removed in May.

Pheasant release and feeding – last year of 10 yr program.  Feeding as necessary there is corn available.

Wildlife conservation award – Larry Kvitek was last year’s recipient. Will still be given out for years to come.

Banke scholarship – gave 2 $500.00 scholarships last year Jenelle Lanoue and Garret Hoeper.

Art Engelbrecht Scholarship – Art gave a $500 scholarship to Jeremy Shuck.

Kid’s food plot – 90 kids participated, 170 acres of cover.  Banquet Feb 11 at In the Pines, Hwy 27 W.

Firearm safety class – Mike thanked everyone for the support of equipment, manpower and financial help.

Fair booth – went well this year, raffle tickets sold for ice fishing challenge.  Thanks everyone for the help.

Habitat day – will be held March 8 at Viking Plaza mall

Ice Fishing Challenge – committee are set, meet Tuesday nights, need more help.  Contact Curt Flesner.

Banquet – will be held March 27 at Broadway ballroom.


Þ   Thanks to Bill Sykora for the meal served at tonight’s annual meeting.

Þ   Dan moved to donate $225.oo to the Miltona school project and encouraged members to sign up and help at the event, seconded by Syl.  Motion passed

Þ   Mark brought up ethical hunting practices and that we need to look as a club into ads for ethical hunting, working with Mike Shelden on how to promote ethical hunting.

Þ   Mark spoke at the Golden K’s Kiwanis meeting, would like to find projects to work with them on, pair them up with youth for shooting trap or other activities.

Þ   Dale moved that we donate $2,765.55 this year for the wood for habitat day, seconded by Arlene.  Motion passed.

Þ   We received a thank you from Jerry and Verla Engelbrecht for the tree to be planted in the spring in Memory of Art.



Þ   Election of Officers – Barb asked to be taken off the board and moved that Roger take her place, Jim Baxter moved for Dr. Henry to come on the board, he declined at this time.  Dave Fuerstenberg also asked to be removed; Syl Schmidt was asked if he would accept the position.  Bill moved to fill the 2 positions with Roger and Syl, seconded by Steve Henry.  Motion passed.

Motion by Arlene to adjourn, seconded by Steve Henry.  Motion passed.


The floor was turned over to Jerry Haggenmiller from the soil and water conservation district.

He went over the history of the conservation district and the changes over the years.  Thank you Jerry.


Respectfully submitted

Barb Wittmer





Next meeting is Thursday February 21, 2008 at the Bemo Building

Supper at 6:30 Meeting at 7:00





FYI – Upcoming Events


Habitat Day – March 8th Viking Plaza Mall

Banquet – March 27th Broadway Ballroom






GLEN WINK  320-763-2410


MARK ANDERSON  320-886-2913


BELINDA WINK  320-763-2410


BARB WITTMER  320-808-6787


DALE FLESNER  320-763-4817


CHAD WEISEL  320-815-9250


CLIFF EMMERT  320-763-4328


BILL MAYNARD  320-886-5561


JIM BAXTER   320-859-4616






     February 21,2008 Meeting Agenda


     Call meeting to order


     Secretary’s Report:


     Treasurer’s Report:


     Sportsmen For Change – Kevin Auslund? (Mark hasn’t heard back from him yet.)



      Old Business:


I: Itemized meeting agenda to be sent out along with previous meeting’s                 

   secretary’s report.


         II: Motion for logging of hardwoods.

             A:Discuss if proceeds will be put in same fund as Emily Johnson’s logging.


         III: Other groups using the Bemo building for meetings.


         IV: Preliminary results of Ice Fishing Challenge.


         V: Kids food Plot Banquet


         VI:Annual Banquet

                 A.Solicitation Lists




     New Business:


         I: Election of officers:

             President – Glen Wink

             Vice President – Mark Anderson

             Vice President – Belinda Wink

             Secretary – Barb Wittmer

             Treasurer – Dale Flesner

             Chairman of the Board – Chad Weisel

             Historian – Cliff Emmert

             Social Director – Bill Maynard

             Public Relations – Jim Baxter


         II: Volunteer to serve for March meeting.


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