February 16, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Viking Sportsman Meeting, February 16, 2017


Board Members Present: Steve Hoskins, Gene Sullivan, Mark Anderson, Chuck Bokinski, Jum Baxter, Bob Gibson, Belinda Wink, Arlene Bosek, Glenn Wink, John Peshek, Steve Henry, Kevin Weisel, Greg Donahue.

Members/Guests: Wayne Rathke, DeWayne Bisek, Durk Stark, Paul Kusmak, Cheryl Gebhardt, Julie Bosek, Mark Lundeen, several Youth from Brandon-Evansville High School Trapshooting and Alexandria Youth Trapshooting League.

Meeting was called to order by President Steve Hoskins at 7pm.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Brandon Evansville Trapshooting; Cheryl Gebhardt request $1000.00 for continuing support.

Alexandria Youth Trapshooting League: Cheryl Gebhardt and Julie Bosek. There are 60+ participants. Request is for $25.00 per participant.

Douglas County MuskiesInc:  Sonya Anderson was unable to be present. Request $200.00 for event.

SECRETARY REPORT: Correct the Youth Food Plot number to 92 youth participating. Survey done on December 9th. Motion to approve with corrections. GeneS/JimB Passed

TREASURER REPORT:  Curt Flesner was not present. Report will be reviewed at the next meeting. The State grant for YOUTH DAY has been received. Need more information about expenses for Melrose and Sauk Centre schools.


BANQUET: Gene S/Mark A The location, date and general format has not changed. Will increase the fishing profile and limit the general raffle to 100 items.

PROPERTY: Steve Henry  Roger Wittmer has resigned. Dwaine Schutte will serve with Glenn Wink and Steve Henry.

FISH FRY: Greg D First event is at St.Mary’s on April 7. Volunteers are needed.

KIDS FOOD PLOTS: Belinda W/Glenn W Banquet will be held Monday, February 20 at the Forada Supper Club.

ADULT FOOD PLOTS: Steve Henry The group need to decide if this will continue. Motion to continue program for one year with funding up to $8000.00 Mark A/Greg D Passed. Belinda W, Glenn W, Mark A and Steve H will develop guidelines for presentation at the March meeting. Suggestion was made to limit the acres per participant.

WALLEYE STOCKING: Belinda W/Bob G they expect to stock all interested lakes this Spring.

YOUTH DAY: Gene S The State grant was received.

SCHOLARSHIPS: SteveH/Barb W Schools have the applications and the Web site has been updated.


WEB site We are working with Jeff Meland at Databae Systems to update the WeB page . More phoyos and activities are needed.

Alexandria Industries Fishing Tournament February 18. Volunteers needed.


Election of officers:

Treasurer: Curt Flesner has resigned. Jim Stratton was nominated. Jim B/Arlene B

President: Gene Sullivan agreed to serve. Motion to nominate. Kevin W/Chuck B

Vice President: Mark Anderson was nominated. John P/Jim B

Vice President: Belinda Wink was nominated. John P/Jim B

Secretary: Steve Henry agreed to continue. Gene S/Jim B

Motion to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot Kevin W/Jim B  Passed.

Replacement of Board Members:

This will be addressed at the March meeting by Gene Sullivan. Open slots are in year 2018-one and 2019-one. Candidates will be contacted.


Brandon Evansville and Alexandria Area Trapshooting Leagues:

Motion to give each organization $500.00. Arline B/Jim B passed 7-3

Muskies Inc: Motion to donate $200.00 Mark A/Gene S Passed

Review of by-laws:

Greg D will report at the next meeting.

Next meeting: March 16. Dean Beck from the Glenwood Fisheries will speak. Gene Sullivan will serve.

Adjourned: Motion Arlene B/John P Passed

Respectfully submitted: Stephen Henry, Secretary

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