December 2007 Newsletter




Glen Wink           Belinda Wink Mark Anderson            Barb Wittmer

Dale Flesner        Chad Weisel


Cliff Emmert                 Todd Lanners               Gregg Baxter                Dwain Schuette

Jim Baxter                    Curt Flesner                 Steve Hoskins              Jim Stratton

Gene Sullivan                Dave Fuerstenberg       Arlene Bosek


Others in attendance:  Roger Wittmer, Stephen Henry, Syl & Bev Schmidt, DeWayne & Dorothy Bisek,

Larry Kvitek, Gus, Chuck Bokinskie, Ron Hoffman, from the SCTP shooting program Dave, Cheryl, Joshua and Hannah Gebhardt, Aaron Lund and Phillip Krueger, Corey Skerjance from the DNR Forestry.


Meeting Called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Glen Wink.


The youth from the shooting program were here to thank us for helping them get to Nationals, they placed 50th at the event in Sparta, IL.  The donation they received from Viking Sportsmen was greatly appreciated.

They reported on the event and the good time they had.                                                                               


Motion to approve minutes by Gregg, seconded by Arlene.  Motion passed.


General Checking Account                   Thrivent General Account                     Prudential Account

$36,200.23                                          $69,848.80                                          $13,341.61

Tree Account                                       Thrivent Habitat Account                      Ice Fishing Challenge

$1,828.45                                            $2,668.56                                            $76,694.00 daily

Motion to approve Treasurers report by Jim B, seconded by Syl.  Motion passed.


Þ     Corey Skerjance met with Cliff to discuss what to do with the hardwoods property and come up with a plan.  He went over how to set goals and stated some recommendations for us.  The property committee will get together and make a decision on what to do.  Motion by Chuck B, seconded by Stephen Henry to have the property committee check into getting bids to cut and preserve hardwoods.  Property committee to oversee the project.  Motion passed.  DeWayne Bisek will allow club a useable easement for trucks to use to remove lumber.  Dwain has the binder with plan in it.

Þ     Sign for Bemo pond, no update.

Þ     Fundraiser for Art Engelbrecht scholarship at Forada Supper Club was a success.

Þ     Banquet – Waiting on permit for banquet.  Banquet is March 27, 2008

Þ     Fish Stocking – Should be getting walleyes in next few weeks.

Þ     Ice Fishing Challenge – Jim Stratton has the raffle tickets.  The Sertoma club has each member take a book and either sell it or buy the tickets themselves.  Mark moved that each board member get a book of tickets to sell or buy it themselves, seconded by Chad.  Motion passed.

Þ     Speaker for the Annual meeting will be Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen.  Annual meeting is January 17, 2008.  Location is still being worked on, we are thinking of having a wild game feed.

Þ     Long range planning committee would like input from the group to start to set goals, where do we want to be 10 years from now.  They are working on a questionnaire to be sent out with the annual meeting announcement.  You are being asked to fill it out and either return it to Viking Sportsmen  P.O. Box 301 Alexandria, MN  56308 or bring it to the annual meeting.



Þ     There was a request from Dale Kalpin for the club to help pay for the replacement of the ballasts for the lights, the total cost will be 400.00.   Consensus of the group was the transportation department uses the building the most and it is part of the agreement for any improvements to be taken care of by them.  They would also like to put up a Christmas tree.

Þ     We need to change the furnace filters at the monthly meetings.

Þ     Web page – seeing if it would be possible to link to legislative page and also to Chamber of Commerce.

Þ     Pheasant release – do we want to finish out our 10-year plan?  Mark moved to finish out our 10-year plan, which is up Spring 2008, seconded by Arlene.  Motion passed.  Roger moved not to fill feeders unless needed, seconded by Mark.  Motion Passed

Þ     Budget for the next year – the executive committee will get together and put together a proposed budget for us to vote on at the next meeting.

Þ     There is a need for two fire extinguishers for our building.  Motion by Gene, seconded by Gregg to purchase two of them.  Motion passed.  Gene will take care of purchasing them.

Þ     Jim Stratton brought a request to the club to replace the 22 traps at Camp Wilderness, this regions Boy Scout Camp, they need a total of 10 of them at a cost of 75.00 each.  After some discussion, Barb moved that the club purchase 4 of them, second by Cliff.  Motion passed.


Motion by Arlene to adjourn, seconded by Curt.  Motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned.



Next meeting is Thursday December 20, 2007 at the Bemo Building

Supper at 6:30 with meeting to follow

Gene Sullivan and Dave Fuerstenberg will be serving


Check out our website at     It is a work in progress.



Þ    SECRETARY REPORT                                              FYI – Upcoming Events

Þ    TREASURER’S REPORT                                           January 17, 2008   Annual Meeting

Þ    OLD BUSINESS                                                        February 9, 2008 Ice Fishing Challenge

Logging of the Hardwoods and                                     March 8, 2008 Habitat Day

Emily Johnson property                                     March 27, 2008 Banquet












GLEN WINK   320-763-2410


MARK ANDERSON   320-886-2913


BELINDA WINK  320-763-2410


BARB WITTMER  320-808-6787


DALE FLESNER  320-763-4817


CHAD WEISEL  320-815-9250


CLIFF EMMERT  320-763-4328


BILL MAYNARD  320-886-5561


JIM BAXTER   320-859-4616


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