Dec 15 2016 Meeting Minutes


Call to order at 7pm by President Steve Hoskins
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Steve Hoskins Glen Wink Gregg Baxter Jim Baxter Arlene Bosek Bob Gibson Charles Kaley Jake Juettner Belinda Wink Curt Flesner Roger Wittmer Barb Wittmer Jim Stratton Steve Henry Greg Donahue
GUESTS: Mike Sheldon Mitch Lawler Chuck Bokinski Nancy Waldorf

Pledge of allegiance

DONATION REQUESTS: Nancy Waldorf, Alexandria Industries Fishing Tournament. This will be the 10th annual tournament on Smith Lake on February 18, 2017 to benefit the American Cancer Society. Approximately 700 people attend and all of the children are given a rod and reel. Requesting help with the $2000.00 cost.

SECRETARY REPORT: correction Belinda Wink and Bob Gibson will co chair the Walleye stocking committee. Moved to approve with correction. Jim S/Roger W Passed

TREASURER REPORT: Curt Flesner 2017 budget is completed and will be distributed at the Annual meeting. Filed for audit.

Annual Meeting- Barb Wittmer The meeting will be January 19, 2017 with Kevin Kotts from the Glenwood DNR as the speaker. Due to changes in food costs a new location is being sought.

Banquet- Jim Baxter this will be at the Holiday Inn on Thursday April 6, 2017. Ticket prices will increase by $10.00 adult and $5.00 youth. An emcee is needed.

Walleye stocking- Belinda Wink Stocking is in progress.

Food plots- Youth- Glen Wink The survey is done and a banquet is planned for February.
Adult- Steve Henry The survey is done. Results were very good.

Property- Steve Henry There will be a routine governmental survey of the 40 acre Hardwoods. The purchase of an access to this property from the Biseks will be complete before January 1.

Bemo Building- Roger Wittmer/Jim Baxter Snow plowing was discussed. Mitch Lawler thanked for the use of equipment storage space.
Emily Johnson Property- We have been notified by the USDA of the possible introduction of an invasive weed, Palmer amarantha, in the Native planting seeds. Roger Wittmer and Steve Henry will monitor.

Fish Fry- we will need a chairman if we are to continue.

Youth Day- August 27, 2017.

The information about Dog training will be posted on our Web site by Barb Wittmer.

Donation request- Donation of $500.00 for the Alexandria Industries Fishing Tournament. Motion Jim B/ Arlene B Passed. The information about the Tournament will be posted on our Web page.

DNR Roundtable- January 6, 2017 in Brooklyn Center. Members are encouraged to register to attend. Curt Flesner and Steve Henry plan to attend. Jim Stratton wil attend as a member of the AIS committee.

Community Fish House- discussed the concept using the Park Rapids model. More discussion needed.

Adjourn Motion Arlene B/Jim B Passed

Annual Meeting January 19, 2017.

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