August 2007 Newsletter




Glen Wink                    Barb Wittmer               Mark Anderson                                   



Bill Maynard                 Cliff Emmert                 Arlene Bosek

Jim Baxter                    Gregg Baxter                Steve Hoskins


Others in attendance:  Dan Lindquist, Chuck Bokinskie, Art Engelbrecht, Myrtle Trenne, Bill Baumann,

Merrill Pedersen and John Peshek


Meeting Called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Glen Wink.


Because there wasn’t a quorum the rest of this newsletter is just informational.

There was business that needed to be taken care of and we hope to have enough board members at the next meeting to take care of the matters at hand.  



Þ     Web page was talked about and we are proceeding with it.

Þ     Williams property – the state is in the process of a 3rd offer to purchase the property

Þ     Firearm safety training videos and the repairs of the 22’s, Mike was also getting a quote on a left-handed 22.  Mark will get a dollar amount for next months meeting.

Þ     Fair booth sign up, need to check with Bill as to what we are going to sell at the booth this year.

Þ     Bill spoke about the upcoming fundraiser for the Art Engelbrecht Scholarship, see if we need a gambling permit, Barb will take care of that part.  We need the club to help fund the start up for this event.  John moved to request 1,500.00 seed money to support Art Engelbrecht Scholarship fundraiser and other support as needed later, contingent on approval of board members.  Seconded by Steve.  Go ahead with the event and vote next month for approval

Þ     Banquet – Jim Baxter has March 27, 2008 set for the banquet.  That is the Thursday after Easter.

Þ     The sign for the Bemo pond picked up, it needs to be lettered yet.

Þ     Cliff got a call from DNR forestry to go look at the Hardwoods property by Nelson.  Will also be talking with DeWayne Bisek about an easement into the property.


Meeting was adjourned.


Next meeting is Wednesday August 15, 2007 at the Bemo Building

Barb serving

Supper at 6:30 p.m.  meeting to follow




Þ    SECRETARY REPORT                                              FYI – Upcoming Events

Þ    TREASURER’S REPORT                                           Douglas County Fair Aug 16-19

Þ    OLD BUSINESS                                                         Art Engelbrecht Scholarship Fundraiser Sept 8


Need Chairperson for Ice Fishing Challenge

Renew School Contract


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