August 15 2017 Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2017

Lunch was served by Kevin Weisel
Bob Gibson Jim Baxter Gregg Baxter Dave Lais Gene Sullivan Steve Henry Kevin Weisel
Mark Anderson Chuck Bokinski Dean Krebs Greg Donahue Jim Stratton
GUESTS: Taylor Rehovsky Oliva Steele Chris Thompson Brandon Thompson
7pm Call to order-Gene Sullivan
Pledge of Allegiance

Guest speakers: Taylor R and Olivia S reported on the District 206 Archery Program which has grown
from 6 participants to 22 in 3 years. The practice at 7am 3days a week in the school gym. They expressed
thanks for the Sportsmen’s donation.
Donation requests: none
Secretary Report: Motion to approve Jim B/Greg D Passed
Treasure Report: motion to accept and refer to audit Kevin W/Mark A Passed
Committee Reports:
Youth Day: Dean K – Sunday, August 27, 48 activities. Fund raising has gone well. Volunteers are still
Fish Fry: Kevin W- The last Fish Fry was in Brandon on August 5. There were 4 this year. Thanks to all
the volunteers.
Property: Steve H- no report
Old Business:
Bill from Cub Foods: Jim B- this was to be billed to St Mary’s and they paid it.
DNR property: Kevin W- Mitch Lawler will remove this equipment by the end of summer.
Weed removal sticks for AIS: Jim S- Justin Sward, AIS Coordinator for the County, will arrange for
these at lake accesses.
Orange Township Easement: Steve H- the USFWS has completed the rehabilitation and expansion of
the Orange Township WPA and our pledge of $5,000.00 is due.
New Business
Activity Board for Youth Day and other sponsored activities: Mark -Photos are needed for this display.
Vacancy on Board of Directors- Gene S Tim Olson was appointed by Gene to fill the vacancy occurring
when Steve Hoskins resigned.
Adjourn: Motion Gregg B/Jim B. Passed

Shawn Papon, USFWS, was unable to attend. He wanted to express his thanks for helping obtain the
easement in southeast Douglas County.

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