April 2007 Newsletter




Glen Wink                    Belinda Wink               Barb Wittmer               Dale Flesner                            

Mark Anderson            Chad Weisel



Jim Baxter                    Curt Flesner                 Arlene Bosek               Gregg Baxter

Rick Anderson Bill Maynard                 Gene Sullivan                Dave Fuerstenberg

Todd Lanners               Steve Hoskins              Jeff Crosby                   Jim Stratton

Others in attendance: Hugh Myers, Syl & Bev Schmidt, Mike Gustafson, Jim Bosek, KayCee Bosek,

Natasha Bosek, Crystal Bosek, Carol Wenner        , Jennifer Schmidt,  Dan Lindquist, Craig Erickson,

Jack Ohren (Dale’s grandson), Larry Kvitek, Chuck Bokinskie, Stephen Henry, Ron Hoffman,

Ken & Vera Anderson, Merrill Pedersen and Mark Christianson


Meeting Called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Glen Wink.



Change docking to stocking on the Chain of Lakes.  Minutes were approves with change.



General Checking Account                   Thrivent General Account                     Prudential Account

$3,422.28                                            $27,712.23                                          $13,583.47

Tree Account                                       Thrivent Habitat Account                      Ice Fishing Challenge

$1,157.72                                            $3,826.18                                            $110,000.00

Curt moved to accept treasurers’ report, seconded by Gene.  Motion passed.


4-H ambassadors to report on trip to Washington to bring clothing they sewed for injured soldiers.  They also would like to use the Bemo building on April 1st for Easter egg hunt.  Jim B moved to let them use building, seconded by Arlene.  Motion passed.


Carol Wenner and Jennifer Schmidt from the Chamber Heritage Fest were here to talk about diversity in the community and the idea of Heritage Fest to be help Memorial day weekend at the Fort.  Asked if our club would like to be a part of the event.  We could promote the Sportsmen at the event.  Booth is 10 X 10 the cost is $20.00.



Þ     Bill updated us on the Williams property, 3 weeks to have appraised.  Offer by end of May.  Still working on getting pledges.

Þ     Ice fishing Challenge update, each group should receive about 15,000.  Thoughts of changing the format of the event, we have 2 more years on our commitment to hotel association group.  We need a committee chair from the Viking Sportsmen.  Gave Chad & Jim a huge thank you for all the work this year.

Þ     Banquet is right around the corner, March 29th.  Will meet at Jan’s at 8:00 a.m., load items and go set up at the ballroom.  We need someone to confirm that we have the whole area it set up this year, Gus will do that.  We will be working on the program on the 23rd and 24th, anyone who wishes to come help all are welcome.  Curt and Todd are taking care of the games, Craig will be our MC and Roger will be auctioneer again this year.

Þ     Wood duck houses are coming tomorrow from Dan Cleland and the Boy Scouts.

Þ     Stephen Henry would like to see the memorial sign put up this summer at the Bemo Pond.




Þ     Jim Stratton received matching funds from ITW and would like the money to be used for camperships for Boy Scouts, the amount received is 1,500.00, seconded by Arlene.


Þ     Bill Maynard brought up that Jerry Engelbrecht would like to see a scholarship fund set up in his fathers name.  Have and announcement for anyone who would like to donate to the scholarship during the banquet.  The first carving Art did to be auctioned at banquet.  Mark Anderson moved to start Art Engelbrecht Scholarship Fund with items that are auctioned the night of banquet, seconded by Jim Baxter.  Mark amended his motion that we approve to start scholarship and fund the scholarship for $500.00 for this year and match carving sales to come out of our general account.  Jim seconded it again.  Motion passed.

Þ     Youth firearm league, Mark Anderson got a request from Larry Gebhardt for a donation, Mark moved to donate 500.00 for this, seconded by Chuck.  Motion passed

Þ     Mark  presented a letter from Chuck Vukonich, orange township raising money to restore habitat, the cost of the project is about 10,000.00.

Þ     Jr Vikings are doing a small solicitation for fundraising event on April 21st. Having an Elk Feed.  They are also going on their annual South Dakota trip leaving on the 21st of March.

Þ     Gene reported that the t-shirts to promote the fish stocking are ready for the banquet.

Þ      Craig brought a request from Vanessa Bruggerman needing to raise money for bows for the physical education department.  Jim Stratton has info to help pay for these items

Þ     The budget committee presented the budget for the rest of this year.  Motion by Chad, seconded by Bill to approve budget.  Motion passed.


Arlene moved to adjourn, seconded by Jim Baxter.  Motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned.



Next meeting is Thursday April 19, 2007 at the Bemo Building

Supper at 6:30 with meeting to follow  Banquet committee will serve





Þ    SECRETARY REPORT                                              FYI – Upcoming Events

Þ    TREASURER’S REPORT                                           Banquet March 29, 2007

Þ    OLD BUSINESS                                                         Sr. Fishing July 11,2007

Þ    NEW BUSINESS                                                       













GLEN WINK  320-763-2410


MARK ANDERSON  320-886-2913


BELINDA WINK  320-763-2410


BARB WITTMER  320-808-6787


DALE FLESNER  320-763-4817


CHAD WEISEL  320-815-9250


CLIFF EMMERT  320-763-4328


BILL MAYNARD  320-886-5561


JIM BAXTER   320-859-4616


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