About Viking Sportsmen

Viking Sportsmen, Inc. is an organization of over 300 concerned conservationists. Membership includes sportsmen and women from all walks of life and includes many non-residents as well as native Minnesotans. Operating with an annual budget, this non-profit, tax deductible organization returns nearly 100% of each dollar contributed back into field conservation practices.

Running the club is an elected directorship of 21 area sportsmen who meet (public invited) every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 P.M. Harry Bemo building, Douglas County fairgrounds.

Membership Form

Recognized as Minnesota's most productive sportsmen's club, the Viking Sportsmen feel that even their varied pursuits in conservation are only a fraction of the effort needed. Only continued public support, interest and involvement will allow the Viking Sportsmen to become even more active.

In 1945 the Alexandria Sportsmen Association was formed. The name was changed to "Heart O'Lakes Game & Fish Unlimited" and finally to Viking Sportsmen, Inc., in October 1959. It acquired tax-deductible status on February 11, 1970 for donors who support the club.

Viking Sportsmen Alexandria MNThe forerunner of the Viking Sportsmen Club was the Alexandria Guides Association in 1920-1930's. Listing a few of the original members: Harry Bemo. Roy Landeen, Harry Fredenberg, Harold A. Anderson, Serle Herbert, Gordon Hobart, Bennie Osterberg, Herb, John and Walter Leuthner, Sam Preston and Ham Olson.

With a membership in excess of 300, the club is completely unsalaried while returning public donations into conservation practice designed to preserve and enhance nature's wonders in Douglas County.

Public Relations
Each year the Viking Sportsmen set up and staff a booth in the Game & Fish Building at the Douglas County Fair. This puts the directors and members in direct contact with the public, selling memberships and discussing current issues.