Interested in hunting, fishing, wildlife and it's preservation in Douglas County? If so, get involved with Viking Sportsmen. Come to a monthly board of directors meeting and see what we do!


MISSION STATEMENT: The Viking Sportsmen's mission is to support and improve the conservation of wildlife and its habitat by establishing educational programs and conservation practices designed to preserve and enhance nature's wealth in Minnesota for future generations.

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Thursday, April 20
6:30 -lunch by Banquet committee

Call to order, Pres Gene Sullivan
Pledge of Allegience
Introduce guests
Donation requests:
Runestone Museum Foundation for Wilderness Inquiry Canoes
Secretary report
Treasurer report
Committee reports
Banquet-Mark, Gene
Fish fry-Greg
Walleye stocking-Belinda, Bob
Youth Day-Dean
Adult food plots-Glen, Steve
Kids food plots-Belinda, Glenn
Property-Glen, Steve
Old Business
Board of Directors appointments
Review Mn DNR presentation from the last meeting

New business
Consider donation requests
Nomination process
Volunteer with DNR muskie Survey

Next meeting at the Hardwoods property. May 17.

Firearm Safety Classes

Members of Viking Sportsmen have been offering classes in February and/or March.

Check on the Minnesota DNR website under classes to see when a class will be offered in the area.  All towns having classes will be listed.  What information used in the brochure  is not up to date.  Please check online with the DNR, we post upcoming classes there.  We also let the schools know when offering a class, they put it on thier information area.

Youth Day 2016
Youth Day 2016 is in the books! We had 39 activities for kids of all ages to take part in. How many took part? A record 1,811 kids were in attendance participating in outdoor activities. In addition, we had over 200 adults try shooting a gun or bow for the first time ever. We gave away over 1,000 pieces of equipment (fishing rods and reels, bows, and BB guns), many of which went to kids who didn't have these basic tools to start their outdoor careers.

The amount of planning and preparation by the groups that put on activities was simply outstanding. These activities are getting so realistic that kids truly get to appreciate what the activity is all about!

The effort put forth by the local community for this event totaled over 300 volunteers! Approximately 100 businesses or organizations gave their time or money or both to make this event what it is. Eric Morken of the Alexandria's Echo Press newspaper already has a great article about the event. Read it here,

I would like to sincerely thank all of you that had a hand in this event. This event couldn't take place without the dedication of a lot of people and for that I am truly appreciative. We are truly making a difference in A LOT of kids lives.

I would be remiss in closing if I did not say.....block your calendars for Sunday, August 27, 2017!

Dean Krebs, P.E. | Senior Engineer/Senior Consultant | USA